Add More Know Where With a Pet Microchip

Keeping track of the exact whereabouts of your pet, should it go temporarily missing, is of the utmost importance. Recent developments in technology have made it possible that should your dog or cat bolt from your property, they can be tracked and found. Sadly, even to this very day, not all house pets have had pet microchips installed/inserted. Should your Tonka Bay animal need a pet microchip, look no further than Excelsior Animal Hospital.

Many questions exist for owners on just what the process involves and what the benefits actually are of pet microchips. We will help clear up some of these mysteries and provide some easy steps to follow with regard to the pet microchip.


  • It may just be that your dog or cat or lizard already has a pet microchip. The answers to this question can be provided to a veterinary office or local animal shelter. Most of these entities carry a universal scanner that would be capable of reading all pet microchip types.


  • Should your pet be found to have a chip implanted, have the vet or shelter provide you with the number. A trip to This will then lead you to the company that sold the pet microchip. You will then have the opportunity to register the chip at

Pet Microchip—

  • If a chip cannot be pinpointed via scan, simply have a pet microchip implanted via your veterinarian. Keep all paperwork associated with the chipping, keep it amongst your records.


  • Once pet microchip is implanted, register the number for free at You will be using the microchip to register pertinent information on your pet such as your contact information, which will be contained within the overall pet microchip database. Should your pet meander off of your family’s path, the animal can be taken to a vet or shelter (by whomever should encounter the animal) and ultimately traced back to you.

Updating Information—

  • As you move to different locations (out of your home, get a new phone number, etc.) be sure to make return trips to continuously update your pet’s information.


  • The pet microchip should be looked upon as a back-up to standard pet identification, such as tags. The collar is the first place anyone finding a wayward cat or dog would look. The identification tags should be constantly kept up to date with your most current information.


If you would like more information on a pet microchip in Tonka Bay or the surrounding area, call Excelsior Animal Hospital at 952-474-1106, or you can contact us to Schedule an Appointment.

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