Animal Dentistry Wayzata

Animal Dentistry WayzataYour pet’s oral health is one of the most important aspects of its overall health and well-being. If your pet’s teeth are not in good shape, it can cause problems with other facets of its health. So when you need animal dentistry near Wayzata, be sure to call the caring and compassionate veterinarians at Excelsior Animal Hospital.

Our veterinarians can examine your pet’s teeth to ensure they are in good condition and that your pet isn’t having any trouble or discomfort while chewing its food. We will also examine your pet’s gums and other parts of its mouth. If we see any problems, we will let you know and do what needs to be done to fix the problem, whether it involves surgery, medication or something else.

We will always do our best to keep your pet comfortable and happy during your visit. We know exactly what to do to ensure a smooth and pleasant experience for both you and your pet, no matter what the problem is.

Call us to schedule your pet’s animal dentistry appointment today! We will answer any questions you have about our pet care services, our veterinarians and our support staff to ensure you are fully comfortable bringing your beloved pet to us.

Professional Animal Dentistry

At Excelsior Animal Hospital, our goal is simple and straightforward: we want to offer your pet the very best care that we can. Every animal that comes through our doors is treated with the utmost empathy and compassion.

We are animal lovers, and many of us have pets of our own. We understand firsthand that your pet is more than just a pet: it’s a member of your family. You care about your pet and love it deeply, and you want the very best for him or her.

This is why we offer some of the best animal dentistry services in this area. Our veterinarians are educated, experienced and professional. We will take the time to talk to you about your pet, the problems your pet is having and what needs to be done to make your pet healthy again.

We also offer routine check-ups, even if your pet isn’t having any problem in particular. This is a good way to catch a small and inconspicuous problem before it becomes a larger and more painful one.

Wayzata Animal Dentistry

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