Pet Microchips Tonka Bay

Pet Microchips Tonka BayLet’s face it, pets wander off. Getting your beloved cats and dogs set up with pet microchips in the Tonka Bay area will provide a great way to permanently identify your animals. Excelsior Animal Hospital is an excellent choice for the insertion of pet microchips. Pet microchips are tiny computer chips that store an identification number, transmitting information through radio waves to a scanner, similar to that which is used for barcode scanning at grocery stores.

Pet microchips are composed of a silicon chip, and an antenna encased in glass. Administered via pre-loaded syringe, pet microchips are placed right below the skin between the shoulder blades. A 10 second process, the pain level for your pet is akin to receiving a vaccination. Following the procedure, the tissue that surrounds the microchip forms a shell to prevent the microchip from moving around. Pet microchips are made of materials designed to not generate a negative response from a living body, thus rejection is uncommon and infection is very rare.

Why Should I Microchip My Pet?

With so many animals destroyed in pounds and shelters yearly—the bulk of them just by getting “lost”—most shelters will scan for pet microchips prior to putting them up for adopting or euthanizing. Pet microchips also work as a means of proof of ownership for a pet owner, in the event a pet is stolen or reclaimed.

Pet microchips can be considered an extra means of identification for your pet—tags being essential. Identification tags should be constantly kept up to date with your most current information.


Once pet microchip is implanted, register the number for free at Register relevant information such as your contact information, in the pet microchip database. Failure to register updated information can render the chip useless. Be sure to fill in the alternate contact information in case you cannot be reached. This should be someone that is unlikely to be away on vacation with you.

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