Pill That Pet With Tips From a Veterinarian

If your pet is ill near Excelsior Minnesota, the diagnosis may come with a medication to administer to your pet, usually in the form of a pill. Some pets willingly take medications. Others present a series of challenges that have you dreading the act long before you even begin. Veterinarians are no strangers to medicating pets. If you are looking for a veterinarian In Chanhassen or nearby locales, call us today! The doctors at Excelsior Animal Hospital would like to share the following tips for giving pills to your pet.

Do not be intimidated. Most pet owners do not know how to properly pill their cat or dog. A little finesse and technique can help you outwit your pet. Knowing your pet and their behavior will help to achieve maximum medicating efficiency. Is your pet relaxed and laid back or will you have a struggle on your hands?

  • Food: Perhaps your pet is a food lover? The old standby – the tried and true method – involves placing medication in your pet’s food dish. This method gives mixed results. A pet’s sense of smell tends to far exceed that of their owner, so they may avoid the medication by eating around it. This technique may work for your pet for a while, but you will likely have to eventually try new methods. Making the medication a part of the meal by placing it inside of a meatball or pill pocket, for example, may work better than placing it on top of their food in the dish. Offer two to three meatballs by hand without medication in them. Follow the plain meatballs with a pill loaded meatball.
  • Direct pilling: If you are fortunate enough to have a laid back pet, it may be helpful to learn the pill administration technique utilized by your veterinarian. To pill most pets, gently grab the top portion of your pet’s mouth with your weaker hand. Tilt the mouth and nose towards the ceiling. Use the pointer finger of your dominant hand to pry open the mouth by applying gentle pressure downward on the bottom jaw. Quickly plop the pill on the back of the tongue and gently press down, which will initiate the swallow reflex. Swiftly close the mouth, rubbing the throat until the medication is swallowed. This is a technique that may only work on the most agreeable pets. Watch for claws – you can wrap the body and legs in a towel or blanket to avoid being scratched.

If you are still having difficulty pilling your pet, the veterinarians at Excelsior Animal Hospital will gladly take the time to walk you through proper technique to establish a system that works for you. If you would like more information on a veterinarian serving Chanhassen and local towns, or to schedule an appointment, call Excelsior Animal Hospital at 952-474-1106.

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