Seven Reasons Animal Dentistry is Important

If you own a pet, then you want to do everything you can to ensure its health and well being. Did you know that caring for its teeth and oral health is one of the best things you can do to keep your pet healthy? We offer animal dentistry in Excelsior, and here are a few reasons you should call us to check on your dog or cat’s teeth and mouth.

  • Problems with your pet’s mouth or teeth can lead to problems with its heart and other organs. If you schedule regular appointments with our animal dentistry department, you could possibly prevent more painful and complex health issues for your dog or cat.
  • Your dog or cat is very good at hiding its pain. You might not know that it has a tooth ache or another problem until it is too late or far advanced.
  • Animal dentistry can help your pet avoid the sometimes painful process of losing teeth. Proper dental care can help keep this from happening. If we spot a tooth that needs to be removed, we can do it so your pet does not feel any pain.
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  • Have you ever smelled your pet’s breath? Proper dental care can also help with bad breath and similar problems like problems with chewing.
  • Our animal dentistry service can professionally clean your pet’s teeth, and during that time we can take a look to see if there are any other problems that need to be addressed.
  • You should brush your pet’s teeth at least once a day. After all, you probably brush your teeth at least twice a day, so it stands to reason your pet’s should be brushed on a regular basis too.
  • Animal dentistry can also help protect against periodontal disease. This is the main cause of early tooth loss in dogs and cats, and it is a progressive disease. So if it’s left unchecked, it will just get worse. It is caused by a build-up of bacteria and food particles that get stuck in between the tooth and the gums. It will then begin to form plaque, which will then harden into tartar. That build-up will then drive the bacteria down into the gum line and can cause an infection.

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